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Media Diversity Up Close

Intelligent systems solutions for efficient marketing communication

Burg Veynau

Castle Veynau, home of Clausen+Reitsma GmbH

The diversity of modern communication rules nowadays at Castle Veynau, one of the Rhineland’s most impressive mediaeval castle complexes: since 2003 the 14th century castle in Euskirchen-Wisskirchen has been home to Clausen+Reitsma GmbH and their »C+R MediaLaboratory« as well. Here, customers and prospective customers can see, experience, touch and even try out all of the media on offer.

The owner-run company has kept abreast of developments in media technology since its establishment in 1987. »Only two per cent of the advertising contact to which consumers are exposed in German urban centres is actually apprehended,« explains Alexis Vozmediano Garcia, CEO of Clausen+Reitsma. »To be part of that two per cent is the primary objective of every creation. It involves a surprising idea that attracts attention, and justifies the funds invested.«
In today’s complex media world, that idea first has to break through: Messages and images can be conveyed in print form, via screens or online, statically or interactively. Despite this diversity, in marketing communication universality is the turbo effect that attaches to consumers in everyday life and recreation, and accompanies them through to the purchase act. In the media laboratory, multimedia presentations provide customers with the answers to questions regarding how a screen media campaign can be harmoniously and holistically executed, which technical factors must be considered in the process, and which costs are incurred.

Alexis Vozmediano Garcia

»Marketing communication must define and deploy a variety of different media in a targeted manner. With PoS communication now mature, we have been up with the times in the digital world from the very beginning. We know all media, and all possibilities. We offer complete marketing communication from a single source.«

Alexis Vozmediano Garcia, CEO Clausen+Reitsma GmbH


The »C+R MediaLaboratory« presents the possibilities of modern marketing communication.



»New market conditions, changed consumer behaviour, and the possibilities of information technology, mean that many tasks must now be addressed with a fresh approach,« contends Vozmediano Garcia. »Today is a good time to cut the old pigtails from marketing communication, define it afresh in light of the times, and make it fit for the requirements of the future.« With interactive applications for multi-touch screens, or efficient and intuitive applications for process control, Clausen+Reitsma shows how modern media can be used to increase revenue while simultaneously reducing costs.

Central and individual

As an outwards-oriented central marketing platform, the web is an ideal multifunctional control centre for the company. It can contain marketing communication architecture, function as a vehicle for internal communication, and link internal and external fields of competence with one another. In this way, for example, CRM and goods management systems can be connected without a problem. This also applies to our own products: The »C+R MedienManager« enables digital media to be controlled via the internet, content and media can be provided using the »C+R MedienServer«, while the »C+R MedienMacher« serves as an online communication tool for design and tailoring when manufacturing media. It’s this knowledge diversity that distinguishes the company, as Alexis Vozmediano Garcia emphasises: »We have the pros in-house, who work together on our own quality management processes in a team-oriented manner, to ensure high standards of quality without friction or time losses. It isn’t all about quality. But it’s nothing without quality.«


Clausen+Reitsma GmbH has been successfully offering complete marketing communication from one source since 1987. This is backed up today by more than 30 employees and the experience from more than 12,000 projects realised. The current performance portfolio includes all outdoor advertising, PoS equipment and packaging media, from mass prints and customer magazines to websites and digital applications. With the »C+R MedienManager«, »C+R MedienServer« and »C+R MedienMacher« products, the company offers web-based solutions that can be used by companies of any size to save costs, speed up processes, simplify coordination and involve any number of partners.

Clausen+Reitsma GmbH

Burg Veynau
53881 Euskirchen
Phone 0 22 56/95 78-0
Fax 0 22 56/95 78-30
Managing Directors:Frank Clausen, Siegfried Schumacher-Reitsma, Alexis Vozmediano Garcia

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