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Film Insurance:

The Right Idea

Jud Süß

Moritz Bleibtreu in Oskar Roehler's »Jud Süß – Film ohne Gewissen«




»Japan Day« in Düsseldorf, one of the big events insured by HDI-Gerling

Anyone who knows the industry is aware that media insurance plays a really significant role in movie production.

Even if this takes place quietly and behind the scenes. HDI-Gerling, one of the leading German movie insurers, has excellent knowledge of the media-specific requirements. For more than 40 years it has provided competent and reliable support to public-service and private broadcasters, movie and television producers and event organizers in the entertainment domain.
Every movie or TV production necessarily involves risks and dangers. These also cover the case where – for financial or other reasons - a project cannot be completed on schedule or, in the worst case, not at all. A horror scenario for the producers, but not a problem for HDI-Gerling. This specialist insurer has provided for just such a case in the form of a film completion insurance, the Completion Bond. From North Rhine-Westphalia it offers this not only in Germany, but also in other European countries.

Completion guaranteed

With the Completion Bond investors who see their capital at risk are guaranteed completion of a production within the specified deadline and budget, and this on the basis of a detailed risk analysis. If the budget is overrun the extra costs are reimbursed, and if production is broken off the total investments made up to that point will be paid out. Taking out a Completion Bond offers not only the required insurance cover, but also support in the form of accompanying monitoring by the HDI-Gerling Risk Manager. Satisfied customers who have decided to go for this insurance solution include, for example, global operator Eyeworks Film & TV Drama and its 3D adventure movie »Nova Zembla« (»New Land«) about the Dutch explorer Willem Barents and his failed journey to Asia, and also the similarly Netherlands-based De Bende van Oss Filmfonds and its police thriller »De Bende van Oss«, which was directed by André van Duren and is set in the 1930s. The production company deutschfilm has also decided to take out a Completion Bond.

HDI Gerling

The HDI-Gerling Insurance Group offers the entire range of tailor-made insurance solutions for all risks encountered by a film production, such as film and event contingency insurance or completion bonds, and it provides insurance against a variety of risks for entertainment events and film productions with additional services such as production advisory services/support and risk management. HDI-Gerling, one of the market leaders for industrial insurance in Germany, is represented in over 20 countries throughout the world. With a premium volume of 5.9 billion euros, the HDI-Gerling insurance group is one of the leading insurers for industry on the market.

HDI-Gerling Industrie Versicherung AG

Riethorst 2
30633 Hannover
Phone 05 11/6 45-0
Fax 05 11/6 45-4545
Chairman of the Board: Dr. Christian Hinsch
Corporate Communications: Dr. Christoph Groffy (Tel. 05 11/6 45-4749)

Contact Film:

Nathalie Meid (Phone 02 11/74 82-5564)
Wilfried Trimborn (Phone 02 11/74 82-5468)

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