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Start-up Aid





Linguee offers a context search engine for translations into four different languages. The startup was founded by Dr. Gereon Frahling (left) and Leonard Fink in 2009.
Due to a legal dispute we had to make the Frahling portrait unrecognizable.
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Success stories in the digital industry begin with good ideas, fresh cash and assistance how to approach capital providers. New initiatives are smoothing the way to long-term success in NRW: the range of funding possibilities, networking facilities and consulting is unique in Germany. Orientation services for start-up financing, for example, are offered by Mediencluster NRW, which will be bringing start-ups and international backers around the table at the Advance conference in the autumn.

Even established internet pioneers such as Ibrahim Evsan experience difficulties in the search for investors. The successful founder of Sevenload has published with his browser game company United Prototype the first beta version of the social game »Fliplife«. With Flip-life the company has brought out one of the first web games based on HTML5 which runs not only on a desktop, but also on all mobile devices, such as iPad, iPhone or Android mobiles. With this concept in the bag Ibrahim Evsan will possibly convince new investors at the international web and start-up conference Advance in Cologne. Mediencluster NRW and the Cologne management consultants Thierhoff Consulting are offering with Advance an information and networking platform for the most important start-up topics which is unique in Germany. Start-ups and backers will be put in direct contact within the event.

Financing jungle

The guide »Förderkompass Medien NRW« offers initial orientation in the funding and financing jungle. When they answer a mere five questions interested parties are guided online to appropriate financing facilities. And this doesn‘t only have to involve big money. If someone‘s own bank baulks at granting a small loan (5,000 to 25,000 euros), a company founder can apply for such a micro-loan from one of the 83 Starcentres of the NRW Bank.
With the help of regional investors a total of 30 million euros have over the past five years flowed into the regional »seed funds« of the NRW Bank for young technology companies.

EU projects

»All business is local« – this old business maxim does not necessarily apply to digital media: web or gaming projects soon conquer the national markets. Now start-ups from NRW can hope to tap venture capital from international sources. They don‘t have to be Silicon Valley venture capitalists; the EU also makes considerable funds available for cross-frontier projects.

With Medienforum.NRW and the Creativity & Business Convention (C’n’B) there is an opportunity to network European digital media companies on the spot: international matchmaking, organised by the C´n´B and Mediencluster NRW, will bring 20–30 companies from Europe together in a targeted fashion. The focus is on OMG – On­line, Mobile and Games. Here innovation agencies and media clusters from European regions grant an insight into their work and show their international networking requirement.

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