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Speed Dating


Telekom Entertain provides TV in high definition and 3D.



Page Place

PagePlace, a service by Deutsche Telekom, offers digital books, magazines and newspapers.

The leading telecommunication companies are faced with a fundamental change: the classic business with landlines and mobile phone contracts is stagnant. The field leaders in the Rhine-Ruhr region are compelled to exploit new market opportunities and implement alternative future strategies through technology and development projects. Beyond the provision of transmission capacities, new marketing channels are being explored jointly with media and web sector partners.

Vodafone is now collaborating closely with the ProSieben Sat.1 Group and Disney to gain a foothold in the entertainment sector. The free, pay and HD-TV channels of the Munich TV corporation have been distributed since the beginning the year via the DSL cable network of the telecom provider. The Düsseldorf company has also established a partnership with Disney, making the successful »Disney XD« channel of the US media group available in Germany via »Vodafone TV«. The distribution partnership has two advantages for Disney: firstly the American segment leader can now extend the range for its programmes and brands, and secondly internet TV opens up new sources of revenue. Cine movies can be accessed in future online via »Vodafone TV« simultaneously with their DVD and Bluray launch.

Digital Media

Since September 2010 Telekom has offered with T-Entertain 3D material which can be accessed through the video-on-demand service Videoload. Sports fans in particular get their money‘s worth because Telekom shows per match day one Bundesliga Sunday game live in 3D. These highly graphic matches can also be retrieved from the archive and recorded with the provider‘s receivers.

Pageplace is the name of the new online Deutsche Telekom kiosk. It is geared both to mobiles like smartphones and tablets and to desktops. The assortment consists of about 450 magazines, 40 newspapers and 40,000 books.


Gettings – a mobile marketing service by E-Plus.

New Networks

Deutsche Post has decided not to enter a strategic partnership with Telekom, a product of DP‘s own privatisation. In future the Post will collaborate with Vodafone: following freely the economic quid pro quo principle, Vodafone will in future communicate with its customers via e-letter. In return the postal company will become the exclusive business customer of the Düsseldorf mobile provider. Vodafone‘s range of mobile phone and internet contracts in sub post offices and the publicity for e-letters in Vodafone shops will in future be components of the two companies‘ collaboration.

The subject of publicity plays a major role at the Düsseldorf E-Plus subsidiary »gettings«: with »mobile marketing« consumers will in future receive information at the right time and right place on products relevant to them in the retail, catering and leisure domains. At the same time »gettings« offers commercial providers a new information channel to enable it to put its products over to consumers at the just right moment.

Chances for small Businesses

Although the large communications providers look for partners of a similar scale when conquering new markets, they go for smaller companies when it comes to development.
Edward Kozel, Telekom‘s Technical Director, has faith in the innovation potential of small businesses: »We‘re the ones who invest billions in new networks. That‘s why we are extremely interested in marketing new services for them. We are making less and less in the telephone field and so we are going for innovative services and equipment for our customers. We intend to take a stake in a series of smaller high-tech companies in order to develop completely new services.«

This large Bonn-based company is participating, for example, in the initiative »Partners for Innovation«. In the course of this a High-Tech Start-Up Fund was established with capital of 262 million euros.


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