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International Standard with Regional Commitment


In Cologne Ossendorf NetCologne found its new home.




The new fibre optic network »CityNetCologne« offers bandwiths of up to 100 Mbit/s.

The regional carrier based in Cologne markets products which can easily compete with international competition yet focuses on regional commitment for its customers.

When Werner Hanf, former spokesperson for NetCologne management, was asked what distinguished his company from other telecommunications providers, his answer was unambiguous: »Our dedication to the region.« This dedication takes the form of the Cologne company’s sponsorship of sport, culture and social projects, but first and foremost a commitment to local customers, in line with the motto: »We can do it here.« And this absolute dedication to customers is honoured. In a regular certification of its customers’ satisfaction levels, conducted by TÜV Rheinland from 2009 to 2012, NetCologne has constantly achieved an overall grade of »good« in the categories competence, reliability, friendliness and customer relations.

Infrastructure for the future

NetCologne, however, offers its customers more than just proximity and the best service. It also offers all modern communications solutions from a single source: fixed line telephony, mobile services, high-speed internet and television services. The classic private customer product among these services remains DSL connection, which NetCologne has successfully marketed as a flat-rate package with telephone connections for many years. In this market, the company now has a market share of a good fifty per cent in Cologne, and is thus the market leader in the Cathedral City. There is more and more demand, however, for internet solutions that offer even higher performance. »Even now, music and film downloads require a high bandwidth; in future, however, HDTV quality video on demand could become the standard,« says Werner Hanf. »For that, you need a fast, high-performance internet connection.«

The solution to that new challenge is provided by CityNetCologne. With the installation of this high-performance fibre optic network, NetCologne has been building the infrastructure of the future since the summer of 2006. Today, the network already offers bandwidths of up to 100 Mbit/s, and is being installed step by step across almost the entire city of Cologne. This makes Cologne the first city in Germany to be provided with infrastructure of this type; NetCologne, in turn, is the first German provider expanding this technology on a large scale, and is thereby decoupling itself from line rental from other network providers.

NetCologne is also the provider of its own television cable network, and supplies numerous property management companies in and around Cologne. The product is called MultiKabel, and broadcasts more than 400 television and radio channels. They also include many foreign-language programs. The 21 HDTW channels are particularly eye-catching, with incredibly sharp picture quality. Together with the buildings connected to the fibre optic network, NetCologne has now connected around 32,000 buildings in Cologne to this »network of the future«.

NetCologne Logo

As regional fixed network operator, NetCologne supplies the Cologne, Bonn and Aachen (via its subsidiary NetAachen) economic areas with communications technology that offers a promising future. The supply of service ranges from telephone services and Mobile phone network through Internet, Cable TV and data services to complex corporate networks and tailored telecommunications solutions. The company has 800 employees in full-time positions.

NetCologne Gesellschaft fürTelekommunikation GmbH
Am Coloneum 9
50829 Cologne
Phone 08 00/22 22-800
Fax 08 00/22 22-390

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