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Internet Radio Increases Mobility

I Love Radio


The Cologne internet radio station »I Love Radio« has been on air since 2008. As early as 2009, it set a new trend – a free iPhone app that was downloaded many hundreds of times prior to the official release. »It allows us to liberate our radio programs, and our tens of thousands of users, from desks and living rooms once and for all,« stresses radio boss Jan-Christian Zeller. And yet, this is only one method of listening among many: Germany’s – self-proclaimed – »most interactive radio station« can also be heard via its own homepage, iTunes radio, MySpace, Facebook, and via the homepage of the RTLII music event »The Dome«.

Mobile internet radio, which just a few years ago was still the music of the future, is today a matter of course even for the giants of the industry. The future of radio arguably represents the best of the pure internet radio stations, with its audio archives, paid music services and music communities. »Rautemusik.FM« was launched in 2003 in Aachen as a youth project.  This developed into Europe’s largest internet radio station, and even the third-largest globally. The internet offers new perspectives to specialist radio programs that can barely find space in conventional radio. The commercial side of web radio, on the other hand, is still in baby shoes. Audimark from Aachen, for instance, markets web radio stations, but until now revenue has been limited – despite the possibilities involved with reaching new target groups via the internet.

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