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New Dimensions:
3D films like »Shrek 3D« will soon conquer TV.

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The advertising-funded core business of the private TV stations could stagnate in the medium term; competitors new to the market are increasingly skimming off added value. At the same time e-commerce and event productions are becoming additional sources of income. The core competence of the television makers is still the production and marketing of high mass-appeal entertainment programmes, also freely accessible on the Internet. The export of successful formats draws in some extra cash


Interactive Success:
NRW has estabblished itself as digital media location number one, for example with the leading European games trade fair, the gamescom in Cologne.

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For several years in a row, NRW has proven itself as the ideas factory and engine room of the German television landscape. The 2012 Formatt study reveals that one in every three minutes broadcast is filmed in the Rhine/Ruhr region – about the same amount that is produced in the next three Federal States, Bavaria, Hamburg and Berlin, put together. Now, NRW is well on its way to becoming the number one location for digital media. The region is establishing itself as the German centre of the computer gaming industry: Many top game developers have set themselves up around Cologne and Dusseldorf, in particular, and in the Ruhr region and East Westphalia, including Bluebyte, Phenomenia, Zone2Media, Piranha Bytes and Nurogames.


Speed Rush:
The new mobile communication standard Long Term Evolution speeds up internet connections - stationary as well as mobile.

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The leading telecommunication companies are faced with a fundamental change: the classic business with landlines and mobile phone contracts is stagnant. The field leaders in the Rhine-Ruhr region are compelled to exploit new market opportunities and implement alternative future strategies through technology and development projects. Beyond the provision of transmission capacities, new marketing channels are being explored jointly with media and web sector partners.

Jud Süß

Media Insurance:
Productions like »Jud Süß« profit use subsidy and media insurance from NRW.

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Success stories in the digital industry begin with good ideas, fresh cash and assistance how to approach capital providers. New initiatives are smoothing the way to long-term success in NRW: the range of funding possibilities, networking facilities and consulting is unique in Germany. Orientation services for start-up financing, for example, are offered by Mediencluster NRW, which will be bringing start-ups and international backers around the table at the Advance conference in the autumn.


Media Events:
The gala for the German TV Prize in the MMC Coloneum is the climax of every TV year.



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Cologne Exhibition Centre, with the fourth largest exhibition facilities in the world and situated in an outstanding location overlooking Cologne Cathedral on the opposite bank of the Rhine, is an important driving force for the development of North Rhine-Westphalia as a media centre.

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You are looking for new business partners - supplier or customers - for your products and services? In our directory of branches you can find hundreds of companies in that certain region with their address and the communication contacts. A whole bunch of them offer internships, trainings or apprenticeships for at least a full year and are all marked with a •.

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