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The Media Guide in the Internet

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Essentially, is based on the print publication »Media Guide NRW«, which the Messe Treff Verlag has been published annually since 1994, first as Media Guide Cologne and for 5 years now for the whole federal state, with the Chamber of Commerce, the Economy Support Institution, the Ministry for Econmy and the Institute for Federal Broadcasting - in the form of a »private public partnership«.
Both on the Internet, as well as in printed form, the bilingual media manual (German/English) offers a wealth of up-to-date information about Northrhine-Westfalia as a successful location for broadcasting, new media and telecommunication
All details are carefully researched. However, due to the fact that addresses, contacts and dates are often altered without announcement, no responsibility can be taken for the correctness or completeness in individual cases. We implement corrections and suggestions for improvement regularly, and thus keep the Internet pages up to date.

Messe Treff Verlags-GmbH, Weyerstraßerweg 159, 50969 Köln

Tel: +49 (0)221 376030, Fax: +49 (0)221 374020,
The Media Guide NRW can be ordered as the print edition with the ISBN 3-934293-50-6 for the price of 12 Euro.


All themes are described in 7 chapters, which are either called up via the contents page, or directly via the navigation bar on the top edge of the screen. The German and English flags there mark the two language versions. The key facts and figures can be faded in from any page; additionally, a predominant key word search is integrated.
To lay out the web sites similar to the print edition, our Internet pages contain approximately 200 photographs. In order to optimize loading times, only a smaller overview on the left-hand edge of the screen is initially shown; by clicking, the illustration can then be enlarged to the original size.
In the case of a slow Internet link, images can be switched off altogether - all textual information, and tables, as well as the navigation remain. However, in this case, it is also possible that page loading will be somewhat slow, due to extensive listings for certain themes.

Interactive functions & data security

Additional to the predominant key word search the sites have for many topics links for further information. Each site is directly and immediately available in German and English. The Media Guide can be ordered online as a print edition. An entry or change in the yellow pages can be applied for online and will converted as soon as possible. You can also recommend the Media Guide online to friends, coworkers and business contacts.
For our appearance on the Web, we have taken general data security into consideration: No personal details about visitors are ever stored; in addition, we do not use any cookies or Java applets. We use JavaScript exclusively to make navigation more convenient (mouse-over effects, etc). On our web pages, banner advertising is taboo.

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