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»Technology Leap«:3D films like »Die Konferenz der Tiere« conquer TV.

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Excited, the congregation rises as the doors of the village church open and the bride, accompanied by a breeze of alpine air, proceeds to the altar in a sky-blue dirndl dress. With no less excitement, one million fans watched the 848th episode of the series »Dahoam is Dahoam« (»At Home is at Home«), produced by the Bavarian Broadcasting Corporation (BR).

With a market share of 3.2 percent, the viewer ratings of »Dahoam is Dahoam« are well above average for Bavaria’s regional TV broadcaster. Since the start of the series in October 2007, the daily soap has developed into Bavaria’s most successful early evening series. In addition, the production has long since gained a viewer audience »way beyond Bavaria«, emphasises Bernd Lenze, chairman of the state broadcasting council.


Three-dimensional entertainment by Constantin Film: »Step Up 3D«

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Bavaria is one of the leading hubs for the media and entertainment industry and the information and communications sector (ICT) in Europe. Bavaria not only excels with an unmatched concentration and clustering of native and international media and ICT enterprises but also through the breadth and diversity – regional and sectoral – of its media and ICT industry landscape. Be it publishing, the broadcast sector, internet and new media, media technology, mobile communications, soft- and hardware, creative industries or trade, Bavaria is in a league of its own.

More than a quarter of Germany’s largest 100 media enterprises are based in Bavaria. These companies alone generated revenues of some Euro 15 billion and had a combined workforce of about 51,000.


»Mobile Phones of the Future«: Long Term Evolution speeds up internet connections.

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CEO René Schuster goes up to the roof of the O2 headquarters in Munich at the beginning of September. The reason: since then the first Long Term Evolution cell of the Bavarian mobile phone provider has been transmitting from that location. The starting signal for LTE in Munich is another major milestone in building up the mobile phone of the future. With this new technology and the recently auctioned mobile phone frequencies it is possible to provide blanket coverage for the mobile high-speed internet.

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The current economic crisis has become a driving force for a previously unknown structural change in the media world. This year’s Medientage look at the changes arising from this and aim to give everyone working in the media reassurance for this transformation process.

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You are looking for new business partners - supplier or customers - for your products and services? In our directory of branches you can find hundreds of companies in that certain region with their address and the communication contacts. A whole bunch of them offer internships, trainings or apprenticeships for at least a full year and are all marked with a •.

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Its 73 members cover a broad spectrum: from print to radio broadcasting, television and online down to film and gaming, the MedienCampus Bayern e. V. co-ordinates and cross-links vocational and
advanced training in the media industry.

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